ONE PG&E employee newsletter

ONE PG&E, the PG&E Employee Newsletter, is published monthly to reach PG&E’s 22,000 employees. The publication began in 2014 with a mission to unite the workforce in its goals, celebrate successes and tell employee stories from across the 70,000 square mile service territory.


Each full-color issue is printed and also distributed as PDF on the company’s internal website.


PG&E infographics

860x900_pge_infog_1 Selected infographics from PG&E. Top left: A comparative chart of solar voltaic installations by state. Top right: Water requirements for growing types of food. Bottom right: Spotlight on PG&E’s service territory regions. Bottom left: A schematic view of Compressed Air Energy Storage. This new technology captures low-cost renewable energy during off-peak times and distributes during periods of high demand.

Seismic survey vessel infographic.